What We Do

  • Electricity generation services in a unique way that most benefits the environment is a specialization of Elpiedi.
  • The Company offers innovative smart electricity generation services designed and implemented by the owner with a proprietary technology invented by the owner.
  • This business represents the best of both worlds for the benefit of the environment as well as Canadians who need state-of-the-art Green electricity generation services.

Quality Standards

  • CLEAN ENERGY HARVESTING OF WALKING is a provider for the electrical energy industry that ensures the best prices and service guarantees for all Canadian customers.
  • The Company also benefits the environment by virtue of its Green operations, and Canadian customers appreciate that dual commitment to quality for clean electricity generation and the environment.

Customer Service

CLEAN ENERGY HARVESTING OF WALKING is Montreal’s own customer care professional for the electrical energy industry, available for help and support for all Canadians who are interested in purchasing dedicated SMART electricity generation services or traditional electricity generation services and want to be sure of obtaining the best prices and the best service guarantees possible.


Elpiedi will seek to achieve brand recognition in the market, operating a retail services business that offers traditional Elpiedi as well as an innovative dedicated SMART electricity-generating technology service for sales and installation.

Ehsan Sorooshnia, Founder, President & CEO


Benefits of CLEAN ENERGY HARVESTING OF WALKING Companies for Quebec, and Canada.

Environmental Benefits

The extensive environmental benefits of the Company include a dynamic new type of renewable energy technology using Green technology and designs to install eco-friendly Elpiedi electricity-generating tile systems, thus allowing a subsequent major reduction in pollution of the environment.

This clean-energy-generating system can be an iconic sustainability feature for future cities. It can also be designed and implemented for the new infrastructures like airports.

  • The idea can be incorporated into technology-enabled learning, teaching and research at universities.
  • This system creates a fun way to encourage exercise and physical activity, too.

Economic Benefits

State-of-the-art Elpiedi services offer tremendous value to customers. Since this technology is highly functional and efficient Elpiedi technology carries the long-range potential to cut down on the cost of utilities. In a country as cold as Canada, saving money on heating is a significant economic benefit that everyone wants to enjoy.



Existing energy harvesting walkways and floors have been implemented in cities around the world, generally on a small scale with only a couple of tiles installed, in an effort to provide a sustainable source of energy. Unfortunately, due to high costs, low output, and uncontrollable factors such as inclement weather and earthquakes, incorporating piezoelectric walkways into new construction projects and infrastructure has not been a viable option for many governments. Through the Company’s regenerative energy solution, Elpiedi will develop and implement new and sustainable technology options within the industry, by perfecting a durable, cost-effective and efficient piezoelectric walkway system.


Lack of an innovative pavement system to harvest clean energy


A dynamic responsive pavement to harvest and store all vibrational energies
Tested prototype
Can be used indoor or outdoor
Low maintenance

24% Monthly Saving in  Lighting Electricity
15% Monthly Saving in Total Electricity
You can pre-order our clean energy saving tile now.


Our Professional Team

Ehsan Sorooshnia
CEO & Programmer
Alireza Ariania
Ali Salehi Najafabadi
Mehdi Mokhtari
Reza Emami Gohari


Our Professional Team


    Reza is a strategist by nature, he has been perfecting his leadership skills in business development and sales and strategic planning. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Material and Metallurgy engineering

    He has a specialty in ceramics and also more than 4 years of experience as a marketing and foreign purchase manager.

    His focus is on developing a pricing strategy that maximizes profits and market share. As the CMO of the company, her role includes continuous monitoring and optimization of considers customer satisfaction metrics.

    Mehdi has a Master’s and Bachelor's degree in Electrical engineering and more than 20 years of experience as a senior system maintenance supervisor.

    As a senior executive he was responsible of technical and operational tasks of the projects and his expertise in electrical engineering let him support the production planning process and ensure key performance indicators are in place and production targets are met.

    Holding top management and key personnel positions in large scales projects helps him act as the COO of the venture.

    Ali has a PhD in mechanical engineering- robotics and control and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering- Applied design. He started his career as a university professor to join an energy company as a Technical manager in 2008.

    His rich experience in different positions such as design team lead, Construction site supervisor, technical consultant, and especially managing director in different companies during the past 17 years, is an asset for our start-up.

    A mechatronic professional with distinct experience in construction. Ali brings a wealth of technical skills, management skills and business strategy to the team and leads all the efforts with great tenacity.

    A financial manager, with more than 10 years of solid experience in different industries, Alireza is skilled in Investments and Urban project coordination.

    His strong finance background supported by a Bachelor of Accounting and his knowledge in the field of urban, environmental and recycling projects is an asset for the company.

    His background will bring important financial insights to every business and create a transformative impact.

    As the CFO of the company, Alireza is in charge of planning the financial strategy and maintaining financial controls.

    Armed with a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Project and construction management from the University of Tehran and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture Engineering, Ehsan started his career as a university lecturer in 2010.

    He has also gained the 13th Book of the Year Award in 2010 for Seismic Design for Architects and also the University Yearbook and 19th Book of Season Award for Nanotechnology in Architecture and Construction Engineering in 2011, both published in Iran.

    Since 2009 besides his research and educational activities, he has been working as a building and construction project manager in well-known companies and has been involved in very large-scale and innovative projects.

    The main idea of Elpiedi was the result of his research and he could successfully build the prototype, finalize the test and prepare a feasible business model in collaboration with his other teammates.