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The practice is an active thought leader in social practice developing award-winning architectural projects and urban strategies at a variety of scales

    Armed with a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Project and construction management from the University of Tehran and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture Engineering, Ehsan started his career as a university lecturer in 2010.

    He has also gained the 13th Book of the Year Award in 2010 for Seismic Design for Architects and also the University Yearbook and 19th Book of Season Award for Nanotechnology in Architecture and Construction Engineering in 2011, both published in Iran.

    Since 2009 besides his research and educational activities, he has been working as a building and construction project manager in well-known companies and has been involved in very large-scale and innovative projects.

    The main idea of Elpiedi was the result of his research and he could successfully build the prototype, finalize the test and prepare a feasible business model in collaboration with his other teammates.